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April 4th, 2006, 09:19 AM
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It was a really hard read. I thought it was good, but it was so difficult to get through. The author alternates between stuff that has nothing to do with the case. It will be talking about the little boy and the home and the mother....and then it will start saying...."in 1969, so and so was just being elected president. The republican party met on July something or other to vote on new officers. In April it rained for seven days. Minnesota was enjoying a peaceful summer and China was being plagued by locusts."

Obviously that is an it is very similiar to what it does in the book. I found myself reading it and going "WHY are they telling me this, I just want to know what happened next to the little boy!" The thing is, when it wanders like wanders for like two chapters. It drags forever....and then you'll get back to the story.

Normally I can get through a book in a day or two at the most, but this one took me three and a half days because it was easy to get frustrated and put it down. I almost didn't finish it twice, but since I knew nothing of the case, I kept going. About half-way through the book it picks up and stops wandering so much. If you can make it that'll make it the rest of the way! I pick up books cheap all over the place. Mostly goodwill stores for a quarter or fifty it was worth the quarter and three I did a lot of research on the internet about the true story after I read it to find out what happened to all the people. Also, it was made into a Lifetime movie, but I haven't seen it yet.[/b]

Thank you for the in depth on it... now I know what to expect... definitely something I'll read if I'm on bedrest as it'll be easier to get through when I have nothing to do... Maybe I can just skip those chapters! hahaha!!!

I do really appreciate your insight!!!


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