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June 17th, 2009, 08:52 PM
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Wow. She sure knows it all, doesn't she. I know plenty of moms who are lazy who are sahm. But I also know plenty of moms who work because they can't or don't want to handle staying at home. I don't think one is any worse than the other.

I have been a sahm for 18 years and will be for another 5-6. When all of my kids start school THEN I will be ABLE to get a job. I am one of those who falls into the category of "can't work". Why? Tell me who has a job that will pay for daycare for at least 8 kids? (2 are old enough not to need it) It would COST me money to go out and get a job. I have done other things like babysit, etc. that I can do at home but I CAN'T afford to go out and get a job. Especially with my husband being gone so much. He's not here to pick up the slack.

I am a sahm of soon to be 10 kids, I fly solo probably 75% of the time, I work d*mn hard at it, and I am d*mn proud of it.

And hats off to women who work and and are moms. Sometimes I can't imagine how I could possibly do it.
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