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June 17th, 2009, 09:11 PM
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Before this pregnancy, I worked and took care of my daughter. Now, I am at home temporarily and taking care of my daughter, so I have done both.

I think that they are both difficult and easy in their own way, and no one should feel superior in their parenting ability because they do either of them.

Being a stay at home mom is hard because you really never get a break. My only "break" is when DD goes to bed at 8 pm, and usually I'm so beat tired that I go right to bed when she does. I never get a lunch break, there is always something to do (laundry, cleaning, cooking) and also the emotional stress of having little adult conversation. It's hard. Sometimes I feel like I'm on the outside looking in.

Being a working mom is hard because you work work work all day long in a stressful office and the second you get home you want to put your feet up and watch tv. Wait.. your baby needs a clean diaper, a bath, a meal, play time, cuddle time. What about those nights that they don't go to sleep until 3 am? You STILL have to go to work the next day. No nap time for you! And to top it all off, most likely you'll miss many of their firsts. Their first steps, their first words, their first day at the zoo. You have two days off of work, so you try to squeeze in housework, chores and spending time with your kids. By the time Monday morning rolls around, you look at going back to work as a break!

Both situations are hard. Even work at home moms have a hard time, try squeezing in a full work day with kids running around that need attention and food and care!

Just being A mom is hard. No matter how you go about doing it, it's hard.

I hate it when people think that they are superior or inferior because of the kind of mom they are. We need to stop!!!! We are all moms, and it's hard. We need to support each other. We need to be there for each other.
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