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April 5th, 2006, 08:12 AM
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Assorted Easter Knitted Patterns

Easter Bunny Egg Cover

(This little Easter Bunny can fit over a hard-boiled egg or a candy egg to dress up your Easter decorations, cover eggs in a basket, or help hide eggs around the house for the children to find Easter morning.)

Small amount of worsted weight yarn in pink, or other Easter colors. Small amount worsted weight yarn in white for the tail and black and red for the face. One cotton ball or small amount of fiberfill.

Needles: one set size 6 dp needles, crochet hook size G/6.


Cast on 18 sts and divide evenly on 3 needles, being careful not to twist work, join and work 3 rnds in K1, P1 rib. Next rnd: K increasing 1 st in every other st, total 27 sts. Work in st st (K each rnd) for 14 rnds. Next rnd: * K1, K2 tog, repeat from * to end, 18 sts. Work 1 rnd even. Next rnd: K2 tog to end, 9 sts. Next rnd: K increasing 1 st in each st, 18 sts.


Work in st st for 8 rnds. Last rnd: K2 tog to end. Cut off a long end and pull through the final 9 sts. Pull together tightly and secure on the inside.


**On the place where you want the ear, pull the long end of yarn out with a crochet hook. Ch 9, dc in each ch starting with 2nd ch from end. (Make sure you do this with the front facing you because the ear will curl forward.) Fasten yarn to top of head with a sl st and pull yarn inside the head. Repeat from ** for 2nd ear.


At center of back, just above the ribbing, join white yarn and pull a loop through with crochet hook. Make popcorn sts by making 5 dc in same stitch where you pulled up the look. Carefully remove crochet hook from loop and put it through the 1st dc then pick up the dropped loop and pull the yarn through. Secure with a sl st.


Pull all yarn ends to the inside and secure. With small amounts of red and black yarn, embroider eyes and mouth, stuff head with cotton ball or fiberfill and tie ribbon or contrasting yarn around neck.[/b]
Cadbury Chick Pattern

a few yards of yellow worsted weight - I used acrylic, 4 dpns, size 6, a crochet hook, cotton ball, Cadbury egg

Body: Cast on 20 stitches, arranged as 6 on Needle 1; 8 on Needle 2 and 6 on Needle 3.

Join, knit three rounds in k1p1 rib.
Rnd 4: Continue in rib, increase 2 stitches on each needle: 26 stitches
Rnd 5: Increase 1 stitch in first stitch of round; knit even to last stitch in rnd and increase on stitch in it. - tail shaping
Rnd 6: Work even. For garter stitch, purl this round; for stockinette, knit it.
Rnd 7 - 14: Repeat Rnds 5 & 6 4 times. 36 stitches

Stop. Move the first stitch on the 2nd needle to Needle 1. Move the last stitch on the 2nd needle to Needle 3.

Fold work so Needles 1 and 3 are parallel. Insert tip of working - empty- needle into first stitch on Needle
1 and then into end stitch on Needle 3; pull yarn through both stitches in knit, move old stitches off the needles.

Repeat on next two stitches.
Pull first stitch on working needle over new stitch. This is 3 needle bind off.
Repeat on all stitches to end of Needle 1 and 3 - one stitch left on working needle. This is awkward, with the middle needle
sticking up as you work, but keep at it.

Head: There is one stitch on the working needle and 8 on the other needle.
Increase in each of the 8 stitches, arranging them onto three needles as you work. 17 stitches
Work in pattern, either garter or stockinette, for 8 rows.

Last rnd: knit 1 stitch, knit the 16 stitches together, 2 at a time. 9 stitches left. Cut yarn, leaving a generous tail. Either use a crochet
hook or thread the cut end through a needle, and pull up the 9 stitches and end off in your favorite way.

Beak. Find the middle of the -face- of the chick, insert crochet hook and reach into the head and pull out the yarn tail from the end off. Chain 2,
yarn over hook, insert hook in knit stitch in middle of face, pull loop through - 3 loops on hook, pull new stitch through all three loops, repeat
in the next two knit stitches up from the first stitch - pulling the stitches through the first stitch on the needle each time so there is only one stitch
on the hook after each double crochet. Pull the free end of the yarn through the last stitch and then weave the end into the chick and cut off.

There is a gap at the neck where the bind off ended. I sew it shut with some scrap yarn, then put a ribbon round the chick's neck. Stuff the head with
a cotton ball and embroider eyes on it. Stuff the body with a Cadbury egg!
Easter Egg Baskets

8ply/DK/(USA - Worsted Weight/4ply) courtelle yarn. A pair of No.11 (3mm)(USA2) knitting needles.

Tension & Size:
Worked at a tension of 26 stitches and 36 rows to 10 x 10cm over stocking stitch, using No.11(3mm) needles throughout.

dec, (decrease) = knit 2 sts, together. K, knit; p, purl; st(sts); stitch, stitches; NR: next row; ss, stocking st, = knit one row, purl one row; cast off = bind off.

Main part: Cast on 25sts and knit two rows. 3rd row: K1, (k4, p4) to end of row. 4th row: (K4, p4) to last st, k1. Repeat last two rows rows once. 7th row: K1, (p4, k4) to end of row. 8th row: (P4, k4) to last st, k1. Repeat last two rows once. Knit 2 rows. Cast off all sts for base.
Base: Cast on 25sts and knit one row. 1st dec, row: (k3, k2tog) to end of row (20sts). NR: Knit. 2nd dec, row: (K2, k2tog) to end of row (15sts). NR: Knit. 3rd dec, row (K1, k2tog) to end of row (10sts). Leaving a long end break off yarn and thread through sts. Pull up tightly and oversew side edges to cast on sts.
Handle: Cast on 30sts and ss3 rows. Cast off all sts.
MAKING UP: Main part: Oversew side edges from cast on edge to cast off edge. With right side of work facing you pin the cast on edge of base to cast off edge of main part and oversew edges together. Handle: Pin cast on edge to cast off edge with right side of work facing outwards and oversew edges together. Sew the ends of handle, 1cm (1/2") to inside and centre of the main part of basket. (See photo for placement)

Main part: Cast on 48sts and knit two rows. 3rd row: (k4, P4) to end of row. Repeat 3rd row three times. 7th row: (P4, k4) to end of row. Repeat 7th row three times. Knit 2 rows. Cast off all sts for base.
Base: Cast on 9sts and knit 30 rows. Cast off all sts. Repeat handle and making up of round basket.[/b]
I have more patterns ... just let me know if to post them.

xxx Lisa xxx
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