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June 20th, 2009, 02:32 PM
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Danny went to the GI for a weight check on Thursday 06/18. He weighed 10.44 kilos or 23lb. He said at the last visit that if he gets down to the 5th percentile again he will have to start testing for more unusual and rare conditions.

Question number one is that I can't find a single weight chart that says 23 lbs is above the 5th percentile for a 23.5 month old and I also don't understand how he could think that was the 10th percentile!

Vent...The GI actually suggested that a 23.5 month old can get used to the attention of seeing so many doctors and consciously make a decision not to gain weight therefore not eat in order to keep getting the attention...WHAT?!?!?! Basically he said that he may not eat as much because he likes the attention he gets from all the doctors he sees. Now how does that make any sense? I told him that if he wants we can do another food diary to show him that he eats more than enough to gain weight but it just won't stick. He asked when our last food diary was. I told him that I thought it was the end of April. He was satisfied with that when I told him that he gets roughly 1800 calories everyday.

Question number 2...have any of you ever had that suggested to you and how did you/would you respond...keep in mind he is not even 2 yet!

On a side note I have three scales to keep up with now as they are all a few ounces off now.

Ped... two weeks ago-23lb. 6oz. 06/19/09-23lb. 6oz.
Allergist... last month-23lb.12oz 06/12/09-23lb. 12oz.
GI... last month-23lb. 6oz. 06/18/2009-23lb. 0oz.

basically a flat line according to two and a loss according to the third...I thought he was doing better...
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