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June 22nd, 2009, 09:46 AM
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What are some ways we can teach our children the meaning of temples? Since I do not have children my views on this are completely theoretical. First off, I want to teach by example. If the temple is important to you while the kids are growing up, they will see it as important. Having pictures of temples in your home is always good. I am not one for a sit down FHE about much of anything, rather if a child asks, answer. Again, completely theoretical.
How has the temple blessed you as an individual? Wow. I can't even begin to present the depth of blessings the temple has given me in my life. From my first experience with baptisms for the dead at the Logan temple, receiving my own endowment in the same temple, being present for DH going through for his own endowments in Idaho Falls, and my marriage in the Idaho Falls temple, each has given me a blessing. Currently, besides the wonderful blessing of an eternal family, temple prayer and the understanding of personal revelation has blessed my life. I struggle, go to the temple and come out with peace.
How has it blessed your marriage? The blessings of the temple have blessed our marriage before we were ever married. We were able to fully think about what marriage means to eternity before we ever got married. We know that we are together forever. We have been able to set temple goals and experience wonderful testimony building things by fulfilling those goals. We can go to multiple temples and see how uniform the church teachings are no matter where you are in the world. We can go to the temple together and grow together as a couple
How has it blessed you as a family? Since the family as of right now is just DH and I it is pretty much all the things that I said about my marriage with the addition of a knowledge that I will have an eternal family. I know that whether I adopt children or have my own, they will be sealed to DH and I forever.

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