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June 23rd, 2009, 11:46 AM
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I've had two UC's as well. I was concerned that my last one was twins also and had a u/s to rule that out. I would have UC'ed still most likely, had I been confident in their positions. I haven't had a waterbirth (not really interested in having to clean up/drain a tub ) so I can't say about that. But I can say that positioning during pushing really has a lot to say about tearing. Being tilted back towards your back in a laying or reclined position is pretty much always going to be harder on your body and give you a higher likelihood of tearing. Being upright standing or squatting or being on all fours will decrease your chance of tearing. Also, pushing slower helps too. That said, my first was a hospital birth 6lb15oz and I got an unwanted small episiotomy. Dh watched and said he doesn't think I needed one. Second was UC 6lbs12oz and only an internal skid mark. Third was UC 6lb5oz and no marks whatsoever. I pushed them all out really fast too (less than 5 minutes for #1 and #2), though #3 took maybe 10-15 minutes as he was posterior with a fist in his face.
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