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June 23rd, 2009, 02:30 PM
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I appreciate the replies (although this wasn't my thread lol). I spoke with DH soon after posting. He was completely against it at first. We talked a lot, I cried a lot lol and finally came to a compromise. If my step-mom would attend, he'd do his research and be fully on board.

I called my step-mom the following day and she happily agreed to come (she's seen all of our other kids' births, so we probably would have invited her no matter how we did it). She's a NICU charge nurse and has been working in a nicu for the last 20+ years, so I think with that background it makes DH feel a lot better just in case something is wrong with the baby that we may not notice right away.

Anyway, yeah. I'm getting the birth I've felt was right all along. And DH is reading as much as he can getting ready. haha

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