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June 24th, 2009, 11:34 AM
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I have a friend who is going to be having her first baby in a military hospital this fall. She really really wants to go all natural, but I'm worried that she is not the type of person to stand up for herself or be confidant in her choices, so with a longer first labor she might end up letting the Dr's bully her into interventions she doesn't want.
They have already to told her that she is required to have an IV for the labor. Period.
I've tried to tell her the statistics about Doula's helping hopital births go more smoothly, that they can help you manage the pain, stand up for what you want etc. etc. She seems really hesitant because it costs money, plus I think she's just nervous thinking about the birth in general, so she isn't really researching stuff? So anyways, can all you Doula's reccomend some links for me to send her? Any kind of advice for her would be great.

(Her husband is supposed to be able to be there as far as we know, so she wouldn't qualify for Operation Special Delivery)
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