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June 24th, 2009, 09:06 PM
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We are pretty close to ready. Actually dd wanted to get started when I brought the new stuff home from the conference:) This from a child that fights me about starting school nearly every day (though once we get started she does pretty good:). She has maintained that she wants to start early this year, so when dh goes off furlough (next week is his last week) we will get started up.

We usually wait until the first week of Aug, but with all the lay-offs that have been happening (dh made it through the one 3 weeks ago, then got put on a 4 week furlough and will go back and find out Aug 15 - we think - if he gets layed-off then), we just don't know what might lay ahead for this year. This will give us a head start for if we have to make some major adjustments later in the year. :)


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