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June 24th, 2009, 10:00 PM
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All right ladies here are the answers to all your questions. I tried my best to answer all of them. If you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask me!


1. Which recovery was the hardest?
-----My first! I had never had surgery before much less a baby! I had to learn to do things differently and ask for help. I did not like being on the pain pills but I learned quickly to take them even though I felt fine at one point but I knew I would be in pain later. I had to learn to rest more and take it easy.
2. Do you feel like each recovery got easier and easier?
-----Yes, very much so. I knew what my limits might be and what I could possibly expect with each recovery. I had some what of an idea but each one still still different. I just took it one day at a time and eash day I could do a little bit more but I would never push myself.
3. Has your uterus ever been checked by ultrasound to see how thin it is?
-----No. After my last c-section, I was told by my OB that it was pretty thin and said if I was to ever get pregnant again, I could never labor. Labor is not something I want to do anyway. I was in labor for many days with my second child with no progress and for me that was no fun. That was enough for me.
4. Have all of your sections been through the same incision?
-----Kind of. I can see a couple of different lines and honestly, I don't know which one is from which child. The scars are a few millimeters (maybe a centimeter) apart and you can only see there are more than one if you look really close.
5. What does your Dr. think of a 6th c-section?
-----My GP (general practitioner) gives me dirty looks but she doesn't really see large families anymore, not too many of us here. I think it's the number of children that scares her rather than the surgery. My OBGYN, on the other hand, is very supportive and has spoke with me about the risks which include preterm labor and possibly uterine rupture, so I'm pretty well informed I think. I was also told the same risks after my first section. I think they have to tell you all the bad stuff so there are no surprises down the road!
6. In your personal opinion, which do you prefer? A spinal or epidural?
-----Personally, I like epidurals much better. I had a spinal headache with my first and as soon as they made me get up and walk, I got a spinal headache. Worst pain I had had in my life ever! I was screaming in pain and crying! I told the nurses what was going on and they looked at me like I was an idiot! Found out later none of them had never had a c-section. I requested epidurals after that.
7. How many months apart are your children?
-----The closest two are 1 year, 2 weeks, and 2 days apart. Basically conceived the same month but a different year. The others are 18 months or more apart. I didn't plan it that way, it just happened.
8. What have your Dr.'s said about family spacing?
-----Nothing really but I guess I never really asked, which is something you should do! On the other hand, no one ever said I was having them too close together.
9. Do your pregnancies get more complicated, like scar pain?
-----With each pregnancy I had to rest a little more. The weight of the pregnancy would irritate my scar and make it a little tender. With pregnancy, your muscles there stretch and with a prior c-section, they've cut into those muscles and basically you are stretching your scar some. More so the internal scar and not the outer one. The only other issue I have is I am at risk for preterm labor but not so much from prior c-sections. I just do way too much!
10. Have your Dr.'s ever advised you against more babies?
-----Nope, not yet! I have the desire to have a 6th child and that will be our last. So if my Dr. says no more, he'll have no argument from me. I'll more than likely get a tubal anyway.

WOW, this is getting long! It's going to take me 2 more posts to answer them all!

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