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June 24th, 2009, 10:20 PM
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11. How much impact does the spacing of the pregnancies have on how many safe c-sections one can have in your opinion?
-----In my opinion I'd say 15-18 months to let your body rest and heal is great but then again I had to babies a year apart.
12. How realistic is it that I can have c-section #3 less than 18 months from #2 and still be able to have #4 a few years down the road?
-----I did it BUT that was me. I'd say go for it as long as your OBGYN is on board. Generally you should be ok but things can happen and plans can change. 18 months is good but you have to have a long informed talk with your Dr.
13. Was your first c-section planned? If not, why the other c-sections?
-----My first section was planned at last minute. I was basically given a week notice. The reason for all the other sections, well, apparently my babies love being breech. All of them. Have no clue as to why and neither does my Dr., it may be because of my height and have no room for them to grow. I'm only 5'4 and I have a short torso.
14. Why did you have a c-section with your first?
-----My oldest I guess was in a rare breech position. Well, it was rare 13 years ago I should say. She was a Frank Breech. Basically what it is, her head was up in my ribs (and stuck too!), her but was basically in my pelvis and her feet were up by her head, also stuck in my ribs. No way was she coming out. They had discussed turning her at one point, so the did a scan, saw her position, and then started rediscussing. Then they saw her cord, nope not going to risk turning the baby. Her cord was super short and the placenta was above her head. They said they had never seen a case with all off those combinations at once!
15. What is your best c-section memory?
-----Each one of them gave me some of the greatest memories of my life! My first never cried and she was the easiest of all my babies. Hearing the rest of them cry in the OR was amazing! My third baby, I was able to hold and breastfeed in the recovery roo, and I have to say that was my favorite out of all of them.
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