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June 24th, 2009, 10:47 PM
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16. What was the scariest and why?
-----My last one was very scary but not because of the c-section. He was born with an extremely rare heart defect and no one knew it till he had to be flown to Children's Hospital in New Orleans, 3 hours away. He'd already been transferred once after he was born. No one knew what was wrong but once he got to CH they knew right away. I was all alone, no family, no friends, and I had to take the bus 4 days later to go to my son. He was also roughly 10 weeks early. And 6 pounds. He's fine now, they corrected the defect when he was 2 weeks old. You can't tell he had a very rough start in life.
17. How many c-sections will your Dr allow you before he tells you no more?
-----My next one will be my last, granted I wanted 8 kids when I was younger but I think 6 is close enough.
18. What was the recovery like for each section? Better each time?
-----My first took the longest to recover from. Never had surgery before, never broken a bone, nothing. With each section after that, it did get easier! You have to set limits for yourself, you have to ask for help, and YES you have to be LAZY!!
19. Did the c-sections interfere with your ideal scenario of having your babies? like breastfeeding and bonding?
-----I didn't like having to wait for up to a couple of hours to hold my babies! Mama's who deliver vaginally have it made! They get their babies almost immediately but I do understand why I couldn't have mine right away. The stitching up, the cleaning up, and recovery room. I will tell you the minute my babies were brought to me, I forgot about the wait. It was all worth waiting a little bit longer, I mean, I was going to have them the rest of their lives, what's a little wait? As long as they were all the healthy and happy (minus the last one) it was all worth it and I plan on doing it one more time!
20. What do you believe is the single most important thing about recovery?
-----REST!!! Ask for help. The only thing you should be focused on right now is you and your new baby. Forget about the housework for a few weeks, let some one else do all the work. You can always do it your way once you are recovered! Better to ask for help than to hurt yourself in the long run and have a set back.
21. Any other tips? Prepping for a c-section? During it? After?
-----Nesting will help with prepping for a c-section. Make sure everything is with in arms reach from your bed or recliner before you head to the hospital!
-----During the section, there is really nothing for you to do but listen. If you do have some anxiety let them know and practice your breathing. I took child birth classes with my first thinking I was going to have a vaginal delivery. Well those breathing tips came in handy during the section. I was 18 and scared. I used my breathing to calm myself down and it really worked. So take a childbirth class even if you are going to have a c-section anyway. I highly recommend it and it doesn't hurt to be well informed anyway.
-----Afterwards, I carried a little basket around with me when I wasn't carrying my babies. You shouldn't lift anything BUT your baby after surgery anyway. The basket had the monitor in it, breast pads, nipple cream, burp rags, chapstick and a little note book I used for feeding notes or other reminders. Most important is just to rest and bond with your baby!
-------The End!-----------------------------------------------------------------

WHEW!! LONG! I hope I was able to answer in good detail all the questions you ladies had! If there are any more I would be happy to answer them!

Looking forward to the replies!

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