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June 27th, 2009, 10:18 PM
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Hey! My name is Bekki and my heart kiddo is Zachy.
I'm a member of the Jan DDC and didn't realize all that JM has to offer till tonight.
I'll write up Zachy's story when it isn't so late and I can think better, along with pics.
For now, he was born with TAPVR (his pulmonary veins were connected to his superior vena cava instead of his heart) and he had OHS when he was 2 days old. He also had an ASD which actually saved his life, it was the only way blood flowed from one side of his heart to the other. Anyway, he did really great and didn't have any problems.
However, as time went by, he developed bradycardia. Basically, all his repairs were done to the right atrium, this caused scarring and damaged his sinus node. In Octoboer 2007 the decision was made to pace him as his heart was starting to swell.
He received his pacemaker in January 2008, at 4 years old. He has done well, except has some energy issues.
Anyway, I will post pictures tomorrow when I'm not on my laptop.
I also have other kids with different birth defects, I'll be posting in other areas, and don't want anyone to think I'm a fake.
You can check my blog at Five Little Monkeys
I look forward to getting to know everyone.
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