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June 28th, 2009, 05:37 AM
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Same here. I'm at 33 weeks and feel like I have finally started looking pregnant to outsiders in maybe the last week. I've been careful with my weight gain during the pregnancy so for awhile I had feelings of pride when someone said I didn't look pregnant. Now I'm less than 7 weeks away and starting to feel like baby could be here any day. I want some recognition of that! I find myself thinking about parking in the expectant mother's spot just so that people notice. I'm tempted to start doing the pregnant waddle or sitting with my hand on my belly all the time, neither of which I'm doing naturally. For my shower I picked an outfit that I thought really emphasized that I was preggo. On the first day of our child birth class, we went around the room saying what we felt were the best and the worst things about being pregnant. At least half the women in the room said the best thing was all the attention they were getting from everyone, including strangers. I admit I was a little jealous. On the bright side, at least I don't have strangers coming up and trying to touch my belly.

I don't have any advice on how to change it, but I understand how you're feeling.

Wait, I guess I have one suggestion. Have you taken any pregnancy photos? I took some informal ones (clothed) and that made me feel "normal". I could see, yes, that's a pregnant woman. I sent them to some out of town family and got the "aw, how cute" response from them.
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