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June 29th, 2009, 11:59 PM
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Hi, this is my first time dropping in here and I figured this would be a good place to ask. My question is regarding zoloft. I'm on 75mg of Sertraline daily and trying to get pregnant. I was pregnant last year and our baby girl was stillborn at 23w2d in August 2008. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant since Nov. 2008 and it's been a lot more difficult than anticipated.

I have been quite depressed since losing our sweet Katrina last August, and to make it worse I haven't dealt very well with all the BFNs - to say the least. I finally went to see a psychiatrist and she prescribed zoloft. Of course she said it was perfectly safe to take and I also spoke to a Geneticist and my family Dr. about it and they both agreed that it is perfectly fine to take it, but the Geneticist recommended once I find out I'm pregnant I should slowly get off the meds.

I know it has been working because I am a bit more calm, but I still have so many worries that something will happen if I'm on this medication while I'm pregnant. I have a friend who works in a pharmacy and she asked a pharmacist there about it and then she told me I have to get off it right away - which freaked the hell out of me. I really wanted to get off of it, but my family Dr. recommended I stay on it. I want to believe that all 3 of the Dr's I spoke to know what they're talking about, but deep down I just can't stop worrying about it.

I know it's a class C drug and from some things I've read it sounds as if they haven't done too much research on it and it seems as if there are some risks about being on it while pregnant.

I really don't need to worry any more than I already do and would just like to get some of your opinions on what you all know about sertraline (zoloft) and pregnancy.

Thanks for listening and for all your help!

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