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June 30th, 2009, 05:57 AM
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Hi hon,

Firstly I am very sorry about your loss. You mentioned a genetisist. Was there any specific genetic issues with the loss of your baby?

Well, this is the right board for your question. Your pharmasist is a pharmasist for a reason and NOT a doctor. While he/she may do some research and understand drug interactions, is he/she by no means an expert and you shuld never listen to a pharmasist over a doctor (ever with any medication btw).

I will tell you straight while there are no definitive human studies on ANY SSRI, it has been found that there are no serious risks with taking any of the newer drugs (except i think paxil). So the decision is one only you can make. I do know and understand the stress of trying to fall pg and i myself am on lexapro. I have been on for many years and have no intentions of coming off. In fact, while i understand your doc telling you to come off etc when you find out you are pg, i am not sure that is the correct move. My psychiatrist told me that the real risk of the meds is in the first month. That means by the time you find out you are pg, its too late to come off. Also, the risks of birth defects are so insignificantly slightly more, i dont think there is a risk (IMO anyways) that i need to worry about.

My one friend is perfectly healthy and they just aborted a fetus which had severe defects. It can happen to anyone, on meds or not....... i think that luckily we have scans and the best tools to help us so you shouldnt worry about it. What happened to you is tragic, but likely to be a single event and you should try not get yourself into the space of anxiety. I mean, just because you have already had an issue it doesnt up your risk (IMO) of further issues........ i am older (34) so i also have certain risks AND i am on lexapro...... all it is is statistics. Its not something you can control. More important is to relax, heal and move forward positively.....


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