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June 30th, 2009, 07:43 AM
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my two children were planned, and conceived very quickly (month 1, and 2). last summer, i found out around 6.5 weeks that i was expecting. that was a huge shock. i never thought i'd get a positive test, and the only reason i even took one, was because i was going to be taking a round of drugs that wouldn't be baby-friendly (heavy meta detox), so i insisted i take one since i hadn't had an AF in a couple of months. but, that wasn't unusual at the time, because i had been very irregular, skipping 4 months at a time-- went to a doctor for tests, but he couldn't find any problems, and had told me that it was likely just because i am slim. so, i had a period in early february '08, late april, late may, and then found out in july that i was pregnant. bf walked off with the directions, and i had never used an ept before, because i'm cheap. i didn't know how to read the test, and i honestly thought it was negative, until he walked back in with the directions, and informed me otherwise. lol!
this time, i was a week late from when i thought i should start, and i secretly picked up a test on my birthday, on my way to visit my grandmother, the saturday before last. i was looking for symptoms, but bf got pissy wenever i would mention being late, so i ha to keep it to myself. i was peeing a lot all month long, so that wasn't a reliable symptom, and since i'm nursing my 3-year-old, my boobs don't get sore when i'm pregnant, so i didn't know with that, either, and those were always the first things i noticed, in the past. anyhow, i took a dollar store test, and the control line showed up, but no second line. so, i flush the toilet and tie my shorts (none of my clothes fit, except my post-baby clothes, ugh!) and grab the test to go and show my grandma that it's negative, when i notice the test line slowly but surely appearing. i didn't know what to do, i just stared at it, in disbelief, as it darkened. mike was so sure that i couldn't be pregnant, i kind of just assumed i wasn't.
then i took it out to show my grandma (she is 87, and one of my very best friends, so she's always one of the first to know, and my daughter is named after her)... i was having a birthday party that night, because our town did fireworks, right across the road from our new house, so my bf invited my family and friends for a bbq. i told my best friend savannah (since we were in first grade) and then my mom. they've all been supportive, but i haven't told anyone else yet, except my BF, a couple of days ago. i can't see my family being very happy, esp. since it's with mike. they know how controlling he is, and that i deserve better treatment, and had been urging me to leave him... i just didn't want to spend the summer all by myself though, doing nothing. guess i stayed a little too long... but soon, we will have a beautiful baby, and we will be soooo forever thrilled about our "oops".

also, emma, i notice that you're engaged~ congratulations to you and wendy!!!! i see that you live in NZ-- is same sex marriage legal down there? i wish it were here-- soooo prejudiced that it isn't. good for you, how exciting to plan a wedding and be with the one you love, forevermore.
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