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June 30th, 2009, 09:35 AM
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Well AF showed her face yesterday on the way home from my Aunts. So I was feeling really s**t yesterday. about an hr after she turned up I was chatting to my friend and she told she was preggo. Her self and boyfriend are together for about 10years. She told me they weren't trying it was an oopps but there delighted.
I did my best acting ever I wanted to be so happy for her I just wanted to scream and say it's not fair "I WANT TO BE PREGNANT"
I know that must make me sound like an awful person but I really felt s**t yesterday but at the same time I am happy for them she will make a great mom.

As for TTC... DH had his S/A done on Thur morning. We got the results back to-day and there all normal. He'll be delighted when he comes in from work and I tell him.
My dr is ringing the hospital to make an appointment for me to see the OBGYN. This will be my 1st visit with her.
I'm a bit nervous... I hope I like her and she's easy to talk to. I'm going to tell her about my really bad cramps in my right ovary since I O'd. and it's also really painfull during AF.
my dr is going to ring me tomorrow with an appointment date. I hope it's soon.

Its 16:35 today and I'm still in bed. I got up for a while but the cramps got too bad so I went back to bed with pain killers and my hot water bottel.
I really hate the 1st 2 to 3 days of AF


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