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June 30th, 2009, 12:27 PM
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Thank you for responding. Katrina had severe ventriculomegaly which developed in the first trimester, so she basically had no development of her brain. We saw a Geneticist, but it was not a genetic issue. It was just something that unfortunately happened Both my husband and I are healthy and were not on any medications (other than my prenatals) or anything at the time she was conceived or while I was pregnant. So I unfortunately know first hand that bad things can still happen even when you're completely healthy and absolutely careful.

I know being on sertraline has helped me relax because for the past many months, my cycles have been 52 days long and the fertility specialist doesn't think I even ovulated during those cycles. Since I've started these meds, I seem to be back to my regular cycle of about 36 days or so.
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