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June 30th, 2009, 03:19 PM
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Thanks Rebecca. I know you helped me previously when I first got on the meds and I totally trust you because I know you've consulted some of the best Dr's out there. It just sucks when people I know (who aren't Dr's) try to interfere and start saying just how bad it is to be on the meds. My family Dr. said his own daughter was on sertraline when she got pregnant and he didn't tell her to get off of it - so that gave me some reassurance as well. My Dr. also said that my 75mg is on the lower end, so he doesn't seem all that concerned.

Thanks Heather. That helps reassure me that you were on them while you were pregnant with Reagan and she is perfectly healthy. I needed to hear it from someone who has actually used sertraline and successfully had a healthy baby.

And I agree, I hate that word abort.
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