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July 1st, 2009, 03:03 AM
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First of all as many others i am truly sorry for your loss! I suffered a pregnancy loss back in december at 10 wks.It was VERY painful for me, i was also early still in my first trimester, so maybe you take pain well or maybe sinse the baby stopped developing at 4-5wks and barely formed it was too small to cause pain.But i thought the pain was just from having a miscarriage period no matter how developed or big the baby was. So i guess ide just be happy i didnt have much pain im glad you didnt that pain i wouldnt wish it on anyone! I was told later a miscarriage is labor but not as severe, but those were some severe pains! i didnt know i was experiencing labor pains though, which is interesting, i just wasnt thinking about much of the physical i was too depressed and numb i just wanted my baby back.
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