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Your girls are beautiful! I am sorry you are going through this. IMO, you need to speak up. Both to your husband and your mother. Your mother has no right to parent Leigh and Lucy how she wants, you are their mother. And your husband is just being a lazy, selfish a-hole. I'm sorry but that is how I see it. He needs to realize he has these 2 beautiful miracles that he needs to care for and interact with. I would fire your mom as a sitter, she doesn't seem to be doing any good except causing you stress. And give your husband a good smack in the back of the head. Tell him you are not doing this alone, that wasn't the plan. Put your foot down! I know you said you are the quiet type that never says anything or speaks up, but I think its time that you open that mouth darlin'. I used to be the same way, and now pretty much call it as I see it and dont put up with the bs. I don't have any children right now but I know I would feel the same way if I ever found myself in your position. Your family is walking all over you and that is not right or fair. If you are already paying a baby sitter, tell your mom thanks but no thanks and tell her enough is enough. Pay the one that actually helps you and won't tell you how to be a mom. It is possible your mom acts this way because she raised ex amount of kids so she knows what she is doing and these are your first. My mom has been like that with my nephews. Also maybe no one said anything to your brother about working full time while he had a daughter is becaue maybe your mother sees it as the man's job to bring home the money and provide for the family. Which in this day and age, is pretty much hard to do with the economy. I applaud you for your efforts. And lemme tell you, I would have cracked long before now. So darlin' open that mouth of yours and speak up. Also wanted to point out that most men are idiots (sure you knew that though), and you will probably have to be pretty blunt with your husband. That is wonderful your stepdad is helping out, but not fair that he only does it when your mother isn't looking. I think you need to have a talk with him too. Let him know you really appreciate it, but the fact that he only does it when mom isn't around just isnt right.
I hope this situation resolves. Keep me posted. If you need to vent some more feel free to PM me!
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