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July 1st, 2009, 07:18 AM
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Rachna - I live in South Africa. We are a very traditional society (pretty closed off actually) and we are either reform (which is getting smaller as more are moving towards orthoddoxy like my dad) or orthodox (mostly traditional orthodox like myself). I grew up in a jewish part of town, went to a jewish day school but my parents were mostly non observant (only going to shul on high holidays). I, like some of my ILs, are becoming more observant but its a slow road as orthodoxy (as you know) is pretty intense :-)

but i do what i do....... went to mikvah last night and LOVED it. I immersed after my friend in her 9th month as a segulah for me to fall pg......

then we gossiped and relaxed afterwards...... loved it

Sadie - what is a brit bat?

Sam - what is a brit bat?
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