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July 1st, 2009, 12:52 PM
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Twice I have felt that. The first time, it was the sumemr after I'd lost a dear friend to cancer and I was out walking the dogs. I happened to turn and look back, and saw a gorgeous sunrise over where she was buried. It just really gave me the feeling that she was free and happy.

the second time was last summer around Labor Day. We were leaving the cabin to go home and at the dock while DH was loading the boat up onto the trailer I looked back at the cabin and there was a rainbow - and not just a rainbow up in the sky, one end was right at our island!! I believe it was from Iria. The sucky part was that my camera was in the boat yet and no way could I get to it before the rainbow faded away.

on a side note, I do dream occasionally about beautiful skies - things like starshowers lighting up the skies with all sorts of beautiful patterns & colors. In the dreams sometimes I am lucky enough to find my camera and take tons of pictures. I'm always disappointed when I wake up and they are not on my camera IRL!!
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