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July 1st, 2009, 09:37 PM
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So I got unexpectedly told that I had GBS in my urine after a routine urine culture early in pregnancy. I have always declined the swab later in pregnancy, so I was not anticipating that diagnosis. I declined the anti-biotic they reccomended and did some natural remedies with my natropath and went back for another urine culture a month later to see if they worked.

It came back clean! I had no bacteria whatsoever in my urine, so as of now I am GBS free. I am planning on continuing treatment to keep it away.

My midwife asked if I was interested in the swab test they do at 36 weeks and I declined it. I see no real point in doing it, I'm going to decline the Iv anti-biotic either way, and I'm planning on continuing natropathic treatment either way. Is there any reason I should do the swab test for GBS at this point?
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