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July 1st, 2009, 11:01 PM
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Hi everyone, okay so this turned into a not-so-quick intro, but I just want to say hey and who I am, and that I might be posting here.
I lurk here a lot. I've lurked here since I was pregnant with my first son, who is now nearly 11 months old. I went back and forth with wanting a home birth with Jonah, and at nine months pregnant I found myself interviewing midwives. My mom, who is an ICU nurse, and my sister who is a drama queen talked me into going to the hospital. I really respect my mom's opinion about birthing babies, because she is a nurse and has birthed five of her own, and I think that is really what spoke to me. Plus, the hospital where I was born myself, just built a "state of the art" birthing center, separate from the hospital, birthing tubs, massaging showers, birthing balls, etc. When we toured the hospital I was told labor and even birth in the tub was possible, and that they use portable monitors, that would allow me to get up and walk around.

Wrong wrong wrong! I was never allowed to get into the tub or shower, even when I was begging. One nurse "let" me relax without the very NOT portable monitor on. I called three or four times and hour to use the bathroom, just so I could labor off the bed. I remember calling the nurse to unstrap me, going to the bathroom and squatting between the toilet and the tub during contractions. In the morning I was finally allowed to walk the halls, and that helped SO MUCH. I went from one centimeter to four centimeters in just a half hour of walking. Then the doctor broke my water and I was restricted even more.

The birth itself went really well. It was long and hard, yes, but I didn't focus on the pain as much as I thought that I would.

We are TTC #2 now. I really want a home birth this time, because I am not happy at all with the interventions that I had. My labor was rushed because my OB had a plane to catch, she admitted it to me, and for what because I still labored for 36 hours and pushed for two and a half hours. I was induced on Wed. afternoon and he was born Friday morning on his due date. It was long and hard, and I want to avoid it this time 'round. I also remember telling DH over and over "I just want to get out of this bed!" I've never felt so trapped. I'm doing research now while we're TTC, because we have moved since the birth of our son and I am feeling like I have fewer resources, and when the time comes I really want to know where to turn.

I'm also a little concerned because of some things that happened during Jonah's birth. I am not sure if they happened because of my doctor's rush, or if they really were serious problems with my body reacting to birth, or if it was due to being induced.

There was meconium in my water, and so when Jonah was born I was able to hold him for a second and then he was whisked away to be suctioned out, because he had swallowed meconium. I was watching them clean him/weigh him etc, and I told the nurse I want to nurse him right away. I thought that I would know when the placenta was going to be birthed- like I would feel the urge to push again, but as I was watching my little baby, the doctor started yelling at me that I had to push now. Then she stuck her hand up inside of me to get it out. I screamed at her never to do that again, and she said if I don't let her then she will have to put me under because my cervix was closing and the placenta wasn't coming out. I was really scared, and so was DH so we gave permission for a D&C. I lost a lot of blood, and had to have a transfusion. I couldn't sit up without passing out, and honestly I just recently got my color back- I've been very pale since he was born, and I'm part cherokee so I am typically pretty dark. I am anemic, and I've been doing a lot of reading that a lot of blood loss is typical when giving birth for women who are anemic. I don't know if I lost the blood because of the D&C, or if the placenta wasn't coming out because of the induction, or if the doctor was just being impatient. I do know that I didn't get to see my son for five hours after he was born, and he had low blood sugar (duh, he wasn't eating like I asked him to) and they gave him sugar water and formula while I was in surgery. I'm pretty sure it was because my OB was due to catch a plane at 8:00am and it was now 5:00am.

So if you've gotten this far, thanks for reading about my concerns and my hopes! Hopefully I will soon be joining you ladies as a pregnant mommy planning a real birth!

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