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July 2nd, 2009, 11:16 AM
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Hi Brandy

I was wondering if this could be the reason, but the pitocin was given to me twelve hours before I started pushing- would it still have had this effect?

My two biggest fears of having the home birth in regards to ME is that I won't be able to birth the placenta again, and I will lose too much blood. I don't think the bleeding part will be too much of an emergency- If I do, then there will be time for me to go to the hospital. I was AT the hospital last time and they still didn't get the transfusion until 5:00pm when it was ordered at 7:00am. But I had been told that if the cervix closed before the placenta was out, they would need to do an operation very similar to a c-section. But then later at my follow up exam, my doctor said (her words, I wrote them down right after the appointment) "There was no emergency. That placenta was being stubborn and wouldn't come out! I remember because you were my last delivery before I went overseas, and my plane left in a few hours. I was just thinking 'come out already!" Soooooo, I wonder if she just forgot the urgency or if it didn't exist in the first place. She also had told me that my blood pressure was high and I *needed* to be induced. Then I found out she was leaving on my due date and didn't tell me? Ugh, I could go on and on and on. We will definitely be more picky about our birth attendant this time around. Honestly I feel very lucky that we didn't have a c-section, and one of the nurses told me the same thing. She said "You 'timed out' quite a while ago."

The things I'm worried about for the baby are, what if s/he swallows meconium again, and what if s/he chokes on mucous the same way Jonah did. I guess with the mucous, I am used to it by now from Jonah (he had problems with choking until he was about seven months old.) and I'm assuming that a midwife would be equipped to handle meconium? I guess that's something to ask in an interview.

I just wish that I had listened to my instinct and waited to naturally go into labor, because then I would know if these are things to be concerned about if you strip away the interventions.

Oh, I do have one more question. In case of an emergency transfer to the hospital, do you just see the doctor who is on call at that hospital or do you have a back-up doctor to call if anything goes wrong? I've seen on some TV shows that women have a back up doctor. But that is TV.

Marisa, I've seen Business of Being Born (a week after Jonah came, actually) and I have the book Your Best Birth as well. My DH is 100% for a homebirth. He wanted to have an unassisted birth with Jonah, and he was really trying to talk me out of going to the hospital. He is actually the one who found the numbers for the midwives that I was interviewing at nine months pregnant! In the end, he agreed with me that I was the one doing this and I had to go where I felt safe and comfortable. I *thought* that would be the hospital, but now I know how uncomfortable and unsafe I felt. Now we just heard of a mother who died from meningitis in a hospital near us, giving birth. Oh, and I also apparantly had a TON of stitches, and I was told that I didn't have any. They just kept falling out though; I lost count. That kind of scared me because what if they had gotten infected and I didn't even know they were there? The birth itself was wonderful and amazing, and I really do look back on it with fondness and great joy. But the way it was handled by the professionals, and the things I was told (or not told) really make me angry and I don't want to have another birth like that again. I couldn't cope with it the way they were asking me to, and if I have to go through labor to have more kids then I think I should find a way to go through it that suits me better KWIM?

I'm really rambly the last couple of days. Sorry to dump all this venting on you ladies. I thought I was over it by now!

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