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July 2nd, 2009, 11:26 AM
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We werenít able to try this month b/c I was out of town when I O'ed. We didnít DTD before I left and we didnít DTD until 2 days after I O'ed. Iím kinda glad b/c this has been the least stressful 2ww ever!!! I'm even able to spend more time in the Grads section...b/c for some reason it doesnít hurt very much this month.

I just ordered a colon/body detox kit. I need to clean my system. Im kinda worried b/c some of the reviews I read are scary. People talked about *WARNING TMI* passing some really gross stuff that was like 3 feet long! So I decided to clean myself out! I only pray I donít have too much gross stuff in me b/c I will probably puke!

I mowed the yard yesterday and DH came home and was like ďwhat did you do to the yard?Ē He then complained that I didnít mow in straight lines this time. No I didnít b/c the mower was being a pain in the butt...I didnít think it looked that bad's some pics what do y'all think? Ignore the hopper does that since we aerated the yard I need to go and cut those still.

Anyways, we had a great anniversary dinner and then we had a lot of fun last night

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