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July 2nd, 2009, 02:19 PM
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Passing meconium in womb isn't as uncommon as people think..its actually alot more common with pit moms. But them actually inhaling it is rare. My m/w is equipped to deal with that if it happens at home though. I do personally have a back up OB for possible hospital transfer (that was my DH's request if we were to do a HB). As far as bleeding goes....
first thing we (i'm a nurse )do at the hospital is massage/breastfeeding to get it to stop
second is a shot of pit
third is IV fluids
(all the above a m/w can do at home)
we usually take people in for surgery before they even get blood (if its bad enough they will get blood during surgery), and IF their levels were low for blood work they would get blood the next morning usually ---your m/w would be transferring the moment she was giving you IV fluids. (takes the average USA operating room 20-30 min to prep, so depending on how far away you are you could beat the team!)
I'm glad your looking more into this.
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