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July 3rd, 2009, 07:49 AM
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yay, good luck on your ttc journey!
it's nice to meet you, here, and i hope you get a home birth too! my name is jaQ. i am 25, from michigan, and my boyfriend mike and i are expecting our first together, and fourth over all.

i swallowed meconium when i was born, and spent time in the nicu for it (this was in 1984). an 8-1/4 lb. baby, with all the little preemies, they say it was a sight...
i'm sorry you had some complications with jonah's birth.

i am 7 weeks along with #3, and this will hopefully be my first home birth too, should everything go as planned.

i HATED my hospital births. i gave birth to both of my children VERY fast, and was denied epidurals because the nurses assumed i wasn't far enough along. i was so thirsty, i felt like i would pass out, but they have the whole ice chip policy. :ROLLEYES: my mother brought me water during both of my births, and nobody objected.
i wanted to be up and around, to help with dilating, too, and they made me lay in bed (this was my second birth-- i had my son within ten minutes of BEGGING for a triage room, because they left me in the hall, sweating and moaning, while people started), i wasn't allowed to even sit up, because baby's heartrate would go off the moniter. no tub or shower, nothing at all my way. and i had two doctors give me two episiotomies that i specifically said NO to.
my son's heartrate got flaky right before his birth, and after they pulled him out, i was never allowed to even see him-- they took him to the far side of my room to "moniter" him: meaning, they checked his weight, bathed him, and left him alone in the corner for 45 minutes. finally, my step-dad went and *****ed out a couple of nurses, and they rought me my baby to hold for the first time. there was no reason for any of that. i just really have a horrible taste in my mouth with hospital deliveries now. not to mention c-section rates, and stuff...
oh, and after my 2 hr. & 20 minute FIRST labour, i was given pitocin along with having my water broken, when i arrived to deliver number 2-- knowing my history, they did that, because my doctor wanted to have lunch on time. *fumes* it was more intense with the totally-uncalled-for pitocin, and my labour lasted all of 30 minutes. i will never let this crap hapen again, if i can help it.
grrr. sorry to turn this around on myself-- just wanted to say that i can totally relate to hospitals screwing with you on what should be the best day of your life.
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