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July 3rd, 2009, 10:31 AM
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well, as you know i have been in labour, stopped, had head slightly engage then come out again but one thing that has continued (apart from the pain) is the contractions stopping and starting!
well, today was just a quick check before she gives me a membrane sweep next sat ready for the induction on the monday but when she checked me over we got a nice surprise, baby is ENGAGED!!!!! 3-4/5THS!!!!!!
my last 3 have never engaged. they just came out after labour was full on and we expected this one to be the same as s/he kept teasing. i had told the midwife about the contractions but said they werent doing anything cos im still here and she just turned to me and said "well, they are doing something cos baby is well on the way!"
so i have been told to continue what im doing (relaxing in bath for 30-45 mins then sitting on my birthing ball which i do mainly to ease my back and pelvis!) but she doesnt think i will be needing my induction date at this rate (remember this is baby number 6 for me so its unusual for them to engage this early!)
so finally i have some good news. ok, there is a very small chance i could still get to the 13th and be induced but a much higher chance that wont be the case!
so if any of you have any spare labour vibes then PLEASE send them this way

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