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July 5th, 2009, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by jensma View Post
Hey maybe if we plan a trip to 6th st to drink we'll all get pregnant...wouldn't that just be our luck!!
yes it would be, but what great luck!!!!

Originally Posted by rebroche View Post
Yeah for staring a journal...
I have to say your garden looks fab. i think you did a great job. Well done....
I'm really looking forward to reading how you get on with your detox. I would love to try it but never got around to it.
I can give a tip about your DH doing his S/A at home. My friend is a midwife and she told me this. My DH had his done last week ( all normal thank god ) Anyway she said once he gives his sample wrap it up and place it in your arm pit or into your bra ( I know sounds weied ) She said that it has to get to the lab within an hr and it has to stay at boby temp and taht is the best way to transport it.
Hope you don't mind me passing on what I was told.
Hope you have a great 4th of July.
Great info...thanks Rebecca and please keep it coming! Nobody told me about the body heat stuff.

Originally Posted by Lee Ann View Post
I put my dh's sample inside my shirt I think it was alot easier for him that I carried in the sample so everyone wouldn't see it.

I've heard great things about TWU also! Hope you get in Kate.

As for the "conference" in Austin, I don't drink, so you've got your designated driver!!!
Yay for a designated driver We would have so much fun.

Originally Posted by KDD View Post
You can come and mow my lawn anytime! You did a fine job!

Happy belated anniversary.

Have a wonderful weekend with your family. At least you can enjoy a few beverages while they're here.
yes Scott and I are going over to some friends tonight and I will have some margaritas...yumm!
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