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July 6th, 2009, 09:32 AM
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11th Brighton's Birthday (ShelliBelli's DS)

3rd Ryan's Birthday (ride_or_die's DH)
7th <3 Jessie <3's Birthday

31st ride_or_die's Anniversery

2nd Henry's Birthday (Ada's DS)

4th FGoumaa's Birthday (Farrah)
5th <3 Jessie <3's Anniversary
7th Jasmin's Birthday (MommyBoo's DD)

7th AlyssaDeMoraes' Birthday
7th melshipp (Melissa)'s Birthday

4th AlyssaDeMoraes' Anniversery
5th Alani's Birthday (AlyssaDeMoraes' DD)
25th lala2007's Graduation Date

14th Imogen Due Date (MommyBoo's DD)
16th Ada's Birthday
23rd Ada's Baby Surprise's Due Date

1st Mason's Birthday (melshipp's DS)
5th Adriana's Mommy's Birthday
7th Sumaiya's Birthday (FGoumaa's DD)
16th Lala2007's Birthday
20th Izzie's Birthday (FGoumaa's DS)
21st ShelliBelli's Birthday (Shelli)
24th Harry's Birthday (Ada's DS)
25th The date adriana's mommy's house is suppose to be ready to move in
28th Adriana's Birthday

4th Frank's Birthday (Ada's Husband)
19th FGoumaa's Anniversary
29th Adriana's DS's Due Date

9th MommyBoo (Becky)'s Birthday
13th Hanna's Birthday (Ada's DD)
13th ride_or_die's Birthday (Amee)
8th Thaya's Birthday (MommyBoo's DF)
22nd Ada's Anniversery
30th <3 Jessie <3's DH Birthday

16th Alijah's Birthday (AlyssaDeMoraes' DS)

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