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July 8th, 2009, 07:53 AM
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A question to spice up the thread....

How did the image of the characters in your mind compare to the actors in the movie? And the ones hired for New Moon (ie, Dakota Fanning as Jane, etc.)

I know I have trouble remembering most of the vamps are young, good looking. Some of the Volturi I kept picturing as old & wrinkly, ha! Edward was pretty darn close to Rob for me, a little more blond & larger framed. Bella was practically right on to Kristen in my mind. Jacob wasn't as hot as Taylor in my mind, but sure glad they picked him! ha. And even though I prolly didn't picture Jane as Dakota, I think its a pretty good fit, she has the whole pale, skinny, petite vibe going on. Most of the Cullen siblings were different in my mind, but I like the actors picked to play them as well. I know I kind of keep the book characters & movie characters kind of separate in my mind when discussing either/or.

I have not re-read any books yet, but plan to do New Moon again before the movie. If I ever have time I would like to go thru and tag some of my favorite quotes & scenes.
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