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July 8th, 2009, 06:33 PM
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Ignore the face...its summer and I dont do makeup during the summer, I'll look better in September...<-- never mind, I'm taking them on Sunday morning, so I will continue to look terrible

Anyway, this is week 4, 5, and far, only the boobies have grown

7 weeks (I look heavy here, but I thinks it the angle and different clothes - but you can see the start of a tiny little bump), 8 weeks (baby, where are you??), 9 weeks (might look like I "grew" but its not baby...friends were over and I ate out - and too much - way too often last week!!):

10 weeks (DOUBLE DIGITS!! I think I see a little bump there?), 11weeks (bump disappeared? **Also, I'm gonna start updating on Sunday instead of Monday - so technically 10wk6dy in this pic, casuse I start work again on Monday, and it will be way early and rushed), 12 weeks (baby??)

13 weeks (little bump?), 14 weeks (bump, where are you? sorry it looks odd, it was super dark, and I had to lighten it in photoshop, so it looks really weird), 15 weeks (little bump)

16 weeks (looks a lot like last week?), 17 weeks (a bump, and a dorky DH that wanted to say HI), 18 weeks (slowly but surely its getting there - slowly!):

19 weeks (it's a little bump, one day to be a big bump - still no one could guess that I was PG with clothes on, sigh...), 20 weeks (its definitely getting there!), 21 weeks (been sick all week, and you can see it in the picture - ugh!):

22 weeks (still look like I'm just getting fat - getting impatient to have an actual bump), 23 weeks (shrank again ), 24 weeks (VIABILITY!! and definitely some poppage going on - oh yea!! ) :

25 weeks (popping started last week, but this week, it took over - can't wait to see what happens from here!), 26 weeks (I was eating healthy this week, and bump shrunk again - guess its a good excuse for more cookies), 27 weeks (late in posting cause I was gone over the weekend, I'm really not THIS huge, I had to take the pic at 8pm, right after dinner, so I'd had a ton to eat - usually I take in the morning before breakfast):

28 weeks!! (TOLD you that last week was a fluke, this is more accurate - taken in the morning like all the others - also put in one with normal clothes on for comparison - I look pregnant), 29 weeks (definite bump - I was at my parents house, and their bathroom is different than ours), 30 weeks (still at my parents house...I'm loving the bump, even though my back isn't)

31 weeks (shrunk again? We've been back home and I've been eating better, IDK why I shrunk so much??), 32 weeks (dont think I've really grown much this week either - cmon baby, time to get big and strong!!), 33weeks (bump EXPLOSION, and I have nothing to blame this on but baby ):

34 weeks (big bump is here to friends and their baby spent the weekend with us, so we borrowed their baby for our bump pic for the week), 35 weeks (looks smaller today? I think maybe he is dropping down a bit?), 36 weeks (definitely look PG now, yeah!!...wouldn't mind if baby holds out on giving me stretch marks though):

37 weeks (FULL TERM!! Look extra big cause this was taken after Matt's marathon - I had eaten breakfast, 2 pieces of pizza for lunch, and ice cream for dessert), 38 weeks (he is SOOO low!!!), 39 weeks (only one week left?!?!? :D):

40 WEEKS!! (no more real changes at this point...oh PLEASE let this be my last bump update - see, I even smiled a little):

AND, LASTLY...6 days postpartum (I'm not one who will bounce back immediately - I dont look like I did when I got pregnant, but, given what I've gotten out of it, I don't think it is too bad at all)

Thought you would like this - 4 weeks, 20 weeks, 30weeks, 40 weeks (smiling again cause I can't wait to meet Kaiden - oh, and, Matt is goofy):

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