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July 12th, 2009, 08:20 AM
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I'd skip names they end in the "ee" sound for middle names, because then they rhyme with Audrey. So that rules out Rylee, Kayleigh and Kylie, even though I really like the latter two.
Giselle is a name that's far too similar to a slang term I hear all the time for something most consider unpleasant, so I'm ruling that one out as well.
Joslyn repeats the "ah" sound of Audrey, so I'd nix that one. SAme with Lana.
I'm not sure I like the double vowel sounds that come with Ava and Emma, though those are both very lovely names.

Ultimately, I think Audrey Lauren, Audrey Lilah, Audrey Michaela (this spelling is the one *I* prefer), and Audrey Sariah sound the best. Hannah and Grace work as well, but aren't my personal preference, though again, they are both lovely names.

Good luck! And you have a great list to start with, too!
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