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July 13th, 2009, 09:01 AM
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I actually disagree with all the cons. Well, minus the first one. That one is just a pain in the butt.

Con #1:
There is no epidural analgesia or pain relief available at home if you are struggling with the labor pains.
Don't most women who want a home birth not even care about having this? Homebirth and all natural kind of go hand in hand. If you want this, why would you birth at home? I know i had my moments of weakness with the "Give me the drugs" but it was in my head and never once did I say it out loud.

Con #2:
You will need to be prepared for the messiness of delivery. Make sure you have plastic sheets, plenty of towels, etc. ready to go.
Easy shopping list and cheaper than what money you'd pay for a hospital bill. Plus, I don't even remember how messy Danes birth was because after I delivered the placenta, into my bed I went and my midwives cleaned the mess. So having those there (Which I had a lot of older towels I had NO issues using for the birth) was not a problem at all. Definitely don't see it as a con. It was kinda fun going out and buying the items.

Con #3:
Filing for your baby’s birth certificate is now your responsibility, however some midwives will do it for you.
The biggest con of this? Was we had no idea where the building was haha. It only took 15 minutes once we found the right building (Thank you city workers who lead us in the wrong direction!) and that was it. I had it the same day where as my hospital birth, I had to pay more money to have it mailed to me and I didn't get it until he was almost 3 years old.

Con #4:
Complications can result if your midwife or caregiver is unsure what to do in an emergency situation. Selecting an experienced birthing team is absolutely crucial.
I don't really disagree with this one, however I do want to add that where you are located plays a big role. I am 10 minutes from a hospital. However, my midwife (30 years doing it) is well trained and travels an hour away to do home births. Selection is a big key and a back up plan is also very important.

Con #5:
If there is an emergency, there will be a delay in receiving care while you travel to the nearest hospital.
Again, depends on location. Also, if it were a section emergency you would be able to call the hospital warn them you're arriving and they can prep the OR for you and get you in ASAP. Where as if you were already in the hospital you'd have to wait for it to be prepped. Hopefully no emergency would come up so you wouldn't have to worry about it. This was something discussed at the VBAC seminar I went to a few months back. I am thankful to live between two fire stations incase of an emergency.

Con #6:
You will need to arrange for your own postpartum help.
I had friendlier care after my HB than I did my hospital! It was much better, more attentive, more personal. I saw my midwife 3 times in the few days after Dane was born. I didn't see my OB during my hospital delivery (I saw one of the back ups who came to congratulate me - which I thought was nice because I didn't even care for him during prenatal) and the first time i saw him was at my 6 week check up.

I thought it was going to be more, I was quite surprised to see it was one paragraph then a pro and con list. I was hoping it would be more, touch more bases on home birth. I wouldn't say it was bad, but I thought it would be longer :/
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