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July 14th, 2009, 08:00 AM
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Hi! This is DH's and my 1st month TTC. I decided to start this journal to document my journey (which I hope is an amazing, but short one!). We both went into this journey thinking it would probably take 3-6months to get pregnant, as long as everything was normal on both our ends. Now I am going crazy thinking...6 can go crazy wondering every month for 6 months. Right now I could potentially be pregnant..we BD'd..well lets VERY often lol, during our projected prime fertility days. Now I think I have symptoms and my husband thinks I'm insane, no way it would happen that fast and no way I would have symptoms so early (I'm only somewhere between 4-8 dpo), but from what I'm seeing from all the ladies on here...I just might be getting a BFP soon...or a BFN...just no way to know for sure, but its a definate possibility (oxy mornon hehe). So far my biggest symptom and the one that made me think, woah I might be pregnant, is sore/painful nipples, that started the end of last week. Just over the last 2 days I noticed that I have to pee A LOT. I've also been really bloated. The only sympom I can't say "oh it's just something else" about is the nipples, I have never had that before, sometimes heavy, tender breasts RIGHT before AF (like a couple days before), but never this nipple thing, and in the middle of my cycle. I would be so so so happy if the first month was our month! I haven't tried any OPK or taking temps or any of that, since its the first month, I thought lets try on our own for a few months, then if it doesn't happen I'll try some of that. Therefore, I don't know exactly when I would have ovulated or any of that, just going on "averages." So that is why we BD'd (well that and well, it's fun) so much just to make sure we did it at the right time! So my first day to test is July 19th...I'm going crazy waiting! I can't wait to find out, and I hope it is a BFP.
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