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July 14th, 2009, 10:10 AM
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I've had two unassisted births and the clean was NO big deal. Seriously, dh just picked up the towels and threw them in the washer. What's hard about that? Nothing. It wasn't even a full load. And we threw away the shower curtain underneath.
As for postpartum care, I never want to spend the night in a hospital post partum care there sucked after ds1. Nurses and doctors and freaking visitors coming in every time I just dosed off, people not letting me hold my own baby, and nasty hospital food. Having to worry about people walking in while I'm going potty, wondering what test they're going to try and run on my baby, and someone breathing down my neck about baby not taking to bfing immediately and threatening me with formula. OR give birth, eat, rest on my own couch/bed and cuddle my baby while my older kids play on the floor and dh relaxes. It was an absolute DREAM giving birth at home compared to the hospital.
We have to do our own birth certificate since we UC'd and it's not that hard. You just have to contact the vital statistics office (we chose email because I hate talking on the phone) and have them send the forms, then just follow the directions. No biggie, and I agree, it's much better than filling out paperwork at the hospital while in labor.
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