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July 15th, 2009, 08:31 AM
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July 15, 2009. 4 days until Test Day! I can't stand it, I want to test so bad, but I know it will probably be a BFN even if I am pregnant, since it's still so early!
New Symptom: BLOATING and BAD GAS w/pains I had some bloating last week but just decided, well I get bloated easily so it's just me. Lastnight by bloating and gas was SO bad I definately thought- OK something is up. I just hope this is not all in my head. I swear my nipples are getting darker too...
I might just be crazy...we shall see.
On that note, the last 3 nights I have had CRAZY weird dreams all night long... Could this be a symptom...haha or is it something I ate?
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