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July 16th, 2009, 08:53 PM
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Joey had his first appointment with the pediatric GI doctor today. He has been officially diagnosed with FTT. He is 10 lbs. 6 oz, which is 2 oz. more than his weight check two weeks ago.

Dr. Guna (who is a very nice doctor, btw) ordered blood work and a urine analysis/urine culture. The blood draw was the absolute worst thing I've had to do. Holding Joey down on the table while they took three vials of blood out of his arm--all the while he had tears streaming down his face and crying so hard no sound came out. They had to cath him for the urine sample, which thankfully, didn't seem to bother him much. Thatw as good, since they had to do it twice. The first time they put the cath in, he apparently had just gone to the bathroom, so I had to feed him and they tried again a half hour later.

Medicine: Joey is on a larger dose of Zantac (1 mL three times a day as opposed to .7 mL twice a day). He was taken off of Prevacid and put on Reglan (.5 mL three times a day). Both of these need to be given to him a half hour before feeding. We also need to bump up the rice cereal in his bottle from 1 tablespoon to two with every bottle.

We go for an Upper GI/X-ray next week as well as our follow-up appointment with Dr. Guna on Thursday. Please keep Joey in your prayers this week. The little guy is going to need them. And thanks for all your thoughts and prayers today. They were much appreciated.

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