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July 17th, 2009, 05:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Aria View Post
In many areas of the US, it's seen as something obscene to be done in a toilet stall. Personally I fully plan to whip it out when our baby's hungry, and anyone who wants to complain can be ****** unless they're also willing to take their food to the toilet stall to eat too. They won't? Then shut up about my child's right to eat somewhere clean, which a toilet isn't.

And so many workplaces don't actually have a place for nursing mothers to go pump.

Patty, are you talking bottle support in formula or support for using breast milk? There's a lot more support for formula than breast.
This news story was about formula feeding moms and how they may not be being provided with enough support and information on how to formula feed. I tend to agree with this. Even though I am a breastfeeding mom I have seen bottle feeding moms made to feel bad for not breastfeeding. I think they need support too.

I think that breastfeeding moms have issues too, like the ones you mentioned but I would not agree that there is more support for formula than breast. Maybe there are still areas of the country where this is happening but I think this was story was focusing on health professionals and whether or not these moms were getting the info they needed. I think health professionals have a responsibility to give these moms info and support to make sure their babies do well.

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