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July 19th, 2009, 05:48 AM
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hi i'm new here, just thought i'd share my story.........................
I was having a perfect pregnancy with the usual ups & downs morning sickness, sudden eruption of tears etc, all of which i was loving!!!
I was 24+2 when i was just finishing my shift at work when my waters broke, i was so scared its undescribable! i was rushed to A+E at our local hospital & found out that indeed i had suffered from P.R.O.M but my cervix was NOT dialated!!! They couldn't explain why!
I was then transferred to another hospital which specialises in preemies & this is where i stayed for a very long 5 weeks! i was so proud of myself for holding on to him for a further 5 weeks after my waters had ruptured!
At 3am Thursday 12th Feb 2009 baby Jack Henry Archer was born weighing 2lb12oz, he came out with such a loud cry it shocked all the staff that were in the operating theater with us
this is Jack @ 3 hrs old
The staff worked their magic & I will forever be in their debt because Jack is now a healthy 5 month (2month corrected age) little boy born with no complications!!!
this is my little prince charming now

Thankyou to Claire1979 for my gorgeous siggy
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