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July 19th, 2009, 10:04 AM
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Lisa, Its me NAY...

I would start by limiting mom, and phrase it to her that she seems to be stressed out and needs a break, and stick with another sitter, so you can get your work done. I think with her trying to run your household as if it were hers, something really needs to be done. Save the gas money for your mom by telling her she does really need a break.

I know that the experience we had with just Suzie in the house was a lot more manageable before the twins arrived, and maybe mom does not want to admit shes not super gramma. Maybe mom is being this way because she may be stressing out. I know you are!!!!!!!! I think you both need a time out from one another.

My DH as you know is very similar in attitude to your DH. Its his day off meaning its couch tater time, or time for guy stuff, as its the wife's job to take care of the house, kids, car stuff etc, and since its HIS DAY OFF that is the only thing that matters...... I never knew I could add personal sock picker upper to my resume as a job duty.....

I have learned with our tribe to work around DH, and give him small tasks to do. NO commitments more than 90 minutes with the babies. He cannot handle it beyond that, stuff got missed, and that really bothered me. He is a great dad with the older kiddos but is still clueless with the babies. He wants the fun part, not the work with the babies.

I had to bring in outside help, in addition to our normal child care plan, and ask for help from my mom/dad who relocated to be near us to help out.

Counseling has helped a lot with my stress management and helping me find ways to work with DH, not scream and yell. We both go if for nothing else to discuss family issues with out the 3 older sets of ears pressed to the door trying to listen in.....
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