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July 19th, 2009, 08:50 PM
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Originally Posted by jonnies_goodgirl View Post
I'm an off beat kind of person... I kind of think green and yellows are over used... No offense to anyone, they're just the only things really associated with gender neutrality. There are a few nurserys that have been posted here that would make great gender neutral rooms

The first one I love the colors, to add a little more femininity yu could use like black and white toile. Also I know you don't want white walls, but you could accent them with Red and black paintings like this room... I'd use black furniture just cause it's probably easier to find and a little less shocking. but I love this room, and the color palett is supposed to stimulate a baby's brain

I know this is a boy's nursery but I love the warm neutrality of this room. remember to scroll past the Nemo room to the after pictures. I'd use a little more orange to make it a little less masculine and differant crib sheets (again masculine) but this room is gorgeous and I think a little boy or girl would love it.

I love the originality of this one and it's a true neutral

We have some very creative people on this board! But if you're going for justa color pallet, I'd use orange, like a dreamcicle orange, very neutral but cheery like yellows.
I love these ! Levi's room is black and red ! I really like the last one too.
I'm going to go looking around here for some ideas !
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