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July 20th, 2009, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by CrystalMay View Post
I am a HUGE F&F fan lol I will own it when it comes out! I was sitting there opening night haha.

The wonderful 2's.... After raising 2 boys that are sooo laid back and goofy.. Raising a girl who is coming up to 2 SCARES me lol.. She is so different!! I see you have 2 girls joining your other 2 girls... How did you survive your first girl turning 2 lol
Me to!I love me some Vin Diesel!

Actually my first daughter was alot easier then Kayden is now.He is defiantly in his terrible two's already!The temper tantrums are what's killing me. Kaylee never did that,so maybe you will get lucky and your daughter will be a breeze!I was the same way though,after having two sons then having a daughter it is certainly alot different!
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