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July 20th, 2009, 08:48 PM
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i was scheduled to be induced on 7/21, my due date (according to the dr), b/c i had gestational diabetes. i didn't want to be induced, so i decided to try some natural inducers...

friday, i went back to my OB even tho he didn't need to see me again, and i got my membranes swept. we ate taco bell that night with hot sauce. i walked (but we do that every day). we had sex. i tried nipple stimulation and pressure points.

i was getting little contractions and BH, but nothing spectacular.

saturday night, i dumped a ton of dried basil and oregeno on my dinner. so much that i thought i probably wouldn't be able to eat it, but i did and it didn't taste bad at all. i also had a coke, which i don't normally have.

about 4 hours later, at 1:30am, my water broke!! yay! i was sleeping and heard/felt a crazy pop, but nothing came out, no wetness, nothing. so i thought '**** the baby just karate chopped me'. i went back to sleep, but about 5 minutes later i felt a little bit of dampness. i stayed up for a while and tried to figure out if it was pee or waters. finally decided it was waters, started getting contractions.

went online to time contractions, they were 1 min long, about 3 min apart. but every now and then they were 6 min apart. i did not want to go into the hospital with false labor. but they finally started hurting, i woke up my DH and told him i thought i was in labor. we left about 20 minutes later.

when we got to the hospital, my water finally gushed in the parking lot. i told DH that we would be walking in there looking like i peed myself, but who cares at that point.

they put us right into a labor room without checking dilation or anything. the contractions were getting worse and i had to sit on the toilet for them b/c water would gush each time. the nurse didn't want me to sit on the toilet, b/c they needed to check and make sure it was really my waters. whatever.

then they left us there for about 20 min. i was kinda pissed. i wanted my epidural. and i knew it needed to be quick, b/c i was really progressing. the contrx were about 1 min apart now.

they finally got on the ball. i got my epi. it didn't take on one side. i was okay breathing thru them, but i was glad when the epidural guy came back and fixed it. then it was too strong, but i wasn't complaining at that point.

the nurse checked me and i was at 7-8cm and a -1. within about 10 min, they called more nurses in and things got weird and they said to get an OR room ready and get me in there. i asked what was going on, they were having me lay on my right side, left side, right side, left side. this happened with my last birth - low heart rate. so i asked it that was what it was, the nurse said 'no'. then about 5 min later, they had me start pushing. so within about 10 min, it went from emergency c-section to PUSH! i was so confused, but happy that i was still in the labor room. (and it was low heart rate, i don't know why she said it wasn't).

my OB still wasn't there, they gave me a shot to slow down contrax. when my OB finally got there he was being the biggest ******* to the nurses! i was shocked, he is very nice and calm usually. they had me start pushing, i didn't feel a thing. my OB asked if i was expecting a bigger baby this time, b/c it was taking a while (my first baby was 6lb 5oz and came out in 4 pushes). i asked him what he thought. but she finally came out, i was able to see it all.

i was super surprised when they called the weight at 8lb 7oz. she has a ton of hair. and she had so much vernix all over, they said she was 'really cheesy'. it was funny. i was covered in it after holding her.

overall, water broke at 1:30am and she was out at 5:24am. very quick and relatively easy (thanks to the epi). the nurse said that next time i have a baby i really need to let the nurse know that i have super quick deliveries. i told her that next time, we are getting a puppy. i am done with being pregnant.

no wonder i was so uncomfortable in the end of this pregnancy, this is a good sized baby!!!

she is a doll, feeding like a champ, but we might be having some latch problems. i want to see what happens when my milk comes in before i get in touch with a lactation consultant.

ETA: i had calculated 7/19 as my due date, b/c i was pretty sure i knew our conception date. i even had an appt set in my phone to "have a baby". glad it worked out.

here is one pic, more to come!
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