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July 21st, 2009, 04:50 PM
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Emily Abigail S. - I'm not a fan of a name starting with a vowel followed by a name starting with a vowel

Emily Annika S. - see above

Emily Ava S. - " "

Emily Charlotte S. - cute

Emily Claire S. Repeats the L too quickly - Emily Claire

Emily Genevieve S. - Both end in an EEE sound

Emily Georgia S. - Cute, though I've always disliked the name Georgia for some reason

Emily Madeline S. - Cute. Repeats the L sound though not as quickly as Emily Claire

Emily Maeve S. Not sure how to pronounce Maeve

Emily Niamh S. Realllllly not sure how to pronounce Niamh

Emily Olivia S. This is an exception to my vowel name followed by a vowel name rule. It's really cute!

Emily Tessa S. Cute

Emily Violet S. My favorite by a mile!
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