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July 22nd, 2009, 06:22 PM
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Thought Id tell everyone what we are doing this month to try to get prego!

We have decided to start BDing in the morning now that O should be on her way soon. We are mainly doing this because DH works outside all day and hes out in the sun and heat a lot. Hes a welder/ mechanic and works on semi's and the trailers at his dads shipping company. We figure at night is probably the worst time to BD since hes been in the sun so much and his body gets so hot, theres probably just a bunch of dead spermies. lol. If anythings been messing with our chances, that probably has been!

Im also now basically going back to sleep for an hour after BDing, with a pillow under me to keep our chances higher. When Im not tired Im putting my legs up against the wall holding myself upside down...halfway...sort of, lol, did that make sense? I dont really know how to explain it. Its actually a yoga position that is believed to increase fertility. I couldnt do this before because it would hurt my back too much.

Next I am now doing yoga, for my own personal health I am doing 10 minute sessions in the morning that are meant for relaxation and flexibility. I also looked up a few positions thought to increase feretility because they increase better flexibility around your hips and also widen them...I think. lol. Anyways, this I just added on for something extra and fun.

Im charting temp like usual but I decided to try out the checking fertile signs as well so I am charting cervical position and CM.

We are also going to be using preseed, we only have 4 applicator tubes left so I probably wont start that until sometime around Friday to Sunday.

For soem reason Im getting better at this and Im not stressing out near as much as before while TTC. All the things that come with it I am taking in stride and we are getting a kitten so that will be a good distraction for me while trying and when I am prego. Hopefully we will be getting a healthy baby born on April 18th 2010

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